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There are a number of reasons for people to play at online casinos. For many people, it is simply a matter of wanting to gamble, but not having any land-based casinos within a reasonable vicinity of them. For other people still, (myself included) it comes down to either finding a promotion or bonus that one believes to be beatable.
On both the articles section and the editorials section, I have written about a number of past promotions, and some of them are likely still ongoing, that I have considered beatable and have explained why, in detail. On that note, I have written other articles and editorials still that have highlighted other promotions and bonuses that I have not considered beatable, or have considered beatable for very little value, and explained the way that I analyzed those promotions.
By reading those articles and editorials, in addition to any resources that the Wizard himself has provided, it should be relatively easy for an individual with even a modicum of mathematical understanding to comprehend the basic concepts between first identifying, and secondly analyzing, a beatable promotion or bonus.

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